Perspective 2.1 64/32 Bit download free torrent

Perspective 2.1 64/32 Bit download free torrent

Perspective 2.1

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Perspective is an automatic desktop wallpaper changer / wallpaper switcher with 26 animated wallpaper transitions on the desktop, panorama support (with two monitors), 3D perspective rendering and Anivhere Render technology. You can use it to display your favorite background photos directly on the (bottom | back) desktop of the Windows 10 operating system.

Background Changer / Background Changer

Basically, Perspective is designed as an automatic desktop background modifier.

You can choose a time interval, choose a slideshow transition, arrange your favorite HD wallpapers and photos and it will automatically change the desktop background for you.

Perspective also has some configurable options that can turn a dull desktop into something very stand out.

A striking transition from the desktop background

If you’ve used the default background feature of the Windows 10 operating system, you know that it only offers one photo folder and one slideshow transition in the background – Login.

With Perspective, you can have an unlimited number of photo folders for wallpapers and 26 attractive slideshow transitions.

3D perspective view

Almost all desktop wallpaper changer apps can display your wallpaper in full screen, tiled or stretch mode.

What makes Perspective unique is the ability to paint wallpaper using real 3D perspective distortion (with a reflective glass effect).

3D perspective drawing adds depth to your background photo when printed on the correct background (full color, gradient fill, or dark background image).

This is one of the many features not available in other desktop wallpaper exchange apps.

Render Anihere Technologies

Render Anivhere lets you choose from a grid where to draw wallpaper and photos on the desktop. So even if your desktop is full of icons, you can still display your photos most effectively.

Full control over background performances

You can fully customize the perspective mode. Simple things like how and where information about the background photo file should be displayed on the screen, what to do at startup, whether to keep the desktop background on output or not. You can select your favorite transitions in the background slideshow and even choose image formats to include in the background slideshow.

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