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Haikyuu Otome Download

Haikyuu Otome

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Live in the Haikyuu verse Haikyuu Otome is a free simulation game created by the independent developer Nahla for fans of the popular anime series Haikyuu. As the name suggests, this is a fun game where players can become students at the favorite high school in the series. In addition, they can become members of a volleyball club. However, Haikyuu Otome is still in the alpha version. There is no other school than Karasuno. The game does not have much, except; Join the Haikyuu Otome Club, a life simulator featuring a poem about Haikyuu. This allows you to live a student’s life at one of the schools presented in the series. It also introduces you to some of the original characters Alice and Riccio, who will be featured during the game. Unlike other visual novel games, you can choose the name of your character. You can also choose your gender. Still, you can not tell what your characters are like. Still, it does not matter much, because the game is played in the first person; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Once you have identified your character, you and your friends can go to school in search of a club to join. There are five clubs you can join: boys ‘volleyball, girls’ volleyball, art, football and photography. Before you officially join the club, the game allows you to research and get information by inviting a club member to explain the club’s activities. Keep in mind that when you join a sports club, you only become a manager, not a team; As mentioned, this game is an earlier alpha version, which means that the whole game still works. In fact, what you can get from this version is just an introduction. You can just set your character and choose a club. Even though it has three prefectures and six school choices, you can only go to Karasuno. Even worse, it presented no canonical character except ;; just a teaser Haikyu Otome is an opportunity for fans of the popular seriviu your imagination to live next to your favorite volleyball team, that is, if the game really allows it. But at the moment there are not many in the game, apart from the three main characters, like you and two of your friends and the club you join. No canonical staff has appeared and there is still no club activity. This version is more like the one that will appear throughout the game.

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