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Fun and popular online party game This is a multiplayer paid online game that launched in 2018, but received a lot of online following in 2020. From the team created by the InnerSloth team, we offer many hours of fun in an environment small game. Part of a kind of downsizing takes place in a spaceship and consists of employees and a partner. The task is to find the one who cheats before he finally kills everyone! What is between us? Between us there is a multiplayer video game in which 10 lottery players end up in a spaceship or in the guesthouse. Each player has the responsibility of being an employee or a cheater. Players can create a celebration of up to 4 people at any time and join the game. You can also play the game online or with local Wi-Fi; (function () {(” desktop-application-page-overview ‘);}); The Goal Between Us is a survival game where your co-workers have to complete the tasks assigned to them and vote for the liar. On the other hand, the fraudster must kill all the employees or sabotage the performance of their duties. Coming as a suitor, the game becomes even more fun if you can kill everyone one by one before they find out! The game takes place in a spaceship and has 3 levels. Players rotate this alien ship forward, backward, right, and left using main moves. Each player must move from room to room completing a task without giving the others a reason to vote for them. Only when a player dies can his teammates appear and call an extraordinary meeting to discuss and dispel suspicions; If there are 10 players in the game, you can choose multiple cheats. Doing so makes the game more fun and sends your co-workers out into the wild to demonstrate these killers. Also, your dead coworkers turn into ghosts and can sit for the entire game; There are 3 cards in the game. When you play Between Us on your Windows device, you get a total of 3 cards: Skeld, Polus, and Mira HQ. The default map is the Skeld spaceship with horizontal gaps and constraints. This card gives hackers very little chance to kill members without them noticing. The other two cards are much larger, which makes it silly; Heh How do you kill us? As a fool, you have to wait in the shadows and attract other advertised players. Once the clerk passes, you can jump out of hiding and kill before you have a chance to report your ID. For example, if an employee performs a specific task in the laboratory, you can kill him, turn off the lights and hide them in all the holes for someone else to kill them; Heh Who are the deceivers among us? it is a random role assigned to one of ten players. The remaining players enter the game as collaborators. In this game, the cheater is a transformed alien that looks like another team, but he is there alone to destroy the ship and kill all the players; Heh Does the game offer architectural possibilities? It is unique among our characters because the game offers a wide range of interesting and surprising possibilities. The servants have theopportunity to choose clothes, play with different colors and skins, as well as the pet dog. Set includes sticky tips, toilet paper, and other unusual items to add humor to; Heh Are there high-end images in the game? High quality photocells and does not present sound effects to take into account. Instead, it offers a small-format game that appeals to people fascinated by the culture of honey. The only sound effects you can see are those that create a suspicious atmosphere. The game also highlights the chat function, which works when a participant is available; Heh Is it easy to play with each other? Once you have downloaded Between Us on your computer, you can start playing right away. The game works with forward, backward, jump and other controls. Also, the game doesn’t last long, so you can play for 10-15 minutes and then go back to work. The only downside to the game is that sometimes players crash mid-game or wait for the game to finally lobby; Heh What platforms are there between us? , you can play from a Windows device or an Android or iOS phone. The last two are free and only highlight the game; Why is it so popular with us? When Among Us Online launched in 2018, it just started to gain popularity in 2020. There are many reasons behind this, one of which was the ease of the game on offer. The game also became popular when popular Twitch users started streaming it, users began creating fan art, and game memes began to move on social media as well; between us and there are a total of 60 players. If you’re looking for a game in the sky, you can’t go wrong with Neptune Lander Elite. Other fun games you will want to see are Brawl Stars and; Heh Should you download between us? Between Us for PC is a real-time multiplayer online game that is great fun for 15 minutes of play. The party game also offers 3 cards, an in-game chat facility, and a number of architectural options. So if you are looking for a fun game that offers hours of entertainment, you must download Between Us in the middle;

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